About Us

Kao Industrial (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

We are determined to inherit the Japanese spirit under the concept of "Kirei-Making Life Beautiful”.
We strive to create products for a beautiful life filled with cleanliness, allowing people to live healthily,
and seek to develop innovation sustainably for a better-living society.


Our mission

We strive to give utmost satisfaction and improve the quality of life
for a sustainable world with quality products and trademarks.


Our work follows three philosophies:


Kao believes that our business can grow sustainably along with the surrounding environment and people

We are dedicated to developing products and creating quality innovations
in terms of cleanliness, safety,
and hygiene to give the highest satisfaction
to consumers and exceed their expectations.


Today, not only consumers are on our minds, but also entrepreneurs across Thailand

We study the needs of entrepreneurs and pay attention to the selection of suitable products that answer those needs
while eliminating problems at the same time. We want to support, help, and lighten the burden of all entrepreneurs
and become a part that contributes to clean and sustainable foundations of businesses throughout Thailand.