Brand Story

‘สะอาด มีอนามัย ไปด้วยกัน

Magiclean สะอาดทั่วร้าน อนามัยทั่วไทย ยืนหนึ่งในใจผู้ประกอบการ

With the collaboration of two brands
‘Magiclean’ and ‘Haiter’

Comes quality products that are ready to be the no. 1 helper for entrepreneurs.

We understand that some businesses may be affected by time constraints,
that’s why we are ready to support them by making
cleaning and sanitizing an easy job for every entrepreneur.

Magiclean ผลิตภัณฑ์จากมาจิคลีน
Magiclean ผลิตภัณฑ์จากไฮเตอร์


Stands for quality cleaning and hygiene, allowing every space to be easily cleaned like magic.


Apart from being best-known for removing stains, we are ready
to provide hygienically clean experiences through products that serve various needs.